Ogden Preparatory Academy

OPA Board of Directors Meeting

Published on February 7, 2024 at 10:16 AM MST
Amended on February 7, 2024 at 11:11 AM MST

Date and Time

Thursday February 8, 2024 at 4:30 PM MST


1487 Lincoln Avenue

Ogden UT 84404


Board Room (upstairs)

The Mission of the Ogden Preparatory Academy Charter School is to provide a challenging curriculum where academic excellence, character development, and individual growth are nurtured in a safe and happy environment that involves the active participation of students, teachers, parents and community members.


      Purpose Presenter Time
I. Opening Items 4:30 PM
  A. Call the Meeting to Order   Sara Mejeur
  B. Record Attendance   Sara Mejeur 1 m
  C. Approve Minutes Approve Minutes Sara Mejeur 1 m
    Minutes for OPA Board of Directors Meeting on January 11, 2024  
  D. Opportunity for Public Input including input on Fee Schedule and ELA Curriculum   Sara Mejeur 5 m

The proposed FY25 Fee Schedule has only one edition. The West Coast Science Field Trip's maximum cost has increased to $350 from $300.


Elementary English Language Arts curriculum is currently under review. The public is encouraged to proved the Board and Administration with feedback concerning the curriculum choice. 

II. Finance 4:37 PM
  A. Financial Review FYI Spencer Adams 5 m
  B. JH Gym Projector system Vote Debbie Deem 5 m

It is proposed that a projector be installed in the JH gym. We had previously approved and purchased a LU system for the JH gym; however, it did not do what we needed it to do for assemblies and other events. 


Comparison and quotes are attached.

Proposal to purchase the system from Webb at $27,766.00.

  • We have used Webb previously and satisfactorily.
  • Webb is local.
  • Webb has the lowest price; it does not include electrical and networking; however, we have some estimates for that work that put the quote still below the competitors. 
  C. FY25 Chromebook Purchase Vote Debbie Deem 5 m

It is proposed that we purchase 130 chromebooks to replace chromebooks that have met their life cycle expectation or are given to 9th grade students upon graduation.


Attached is the comparison form and quotes.

  • It is proposed that we purchase form PineCove Consulting
  • 130 Touch Screen Chromebooks for $30,156.10
  • Touch screen because the price was cheaper. 
  • Pinecove because they are local, and the last few interactions with other vendors have been unsatisfactory
  D. FY25 Q-Board Procurement Vote Debbie Deem 5 m

Proposed that we purchase 15 Q-Boards to expand the number of classrooms which have them.

Proposed that we purchase 15 Q-Boards from PineCove Consulting for $29,985.

  E. Math Curriculum for Grades 6-9 Vote Stephanie Wright 5 m
III. Executive Session 5:02 PM
  A. Enter Closed Session Vote Sara Mejeur 15 m

... to protect the privacy of an individual.


Roll call vote required to enter.

  B. Exit Closed Session Vote Sara Mejeur 5 m

Roll call vote required to exit. 

No voting shall take place while in closed session.

  C. Student discipline vote Vote Sara Mejeur 5 m
IV. Administrative Business 5:27 PM
  A. Administrative Board Report FYI Principals 5 m
  B. Data Review for School Land Trust Vote Stephanie Wright 10 m

In preparation of creating our School Land Trust plan for FY25, we shall review BOY to MOY data and determine appropriate goal levels for our FY25 school plan. 

  C. Phone System Vote Debbie Deem 5 m

Currently, we are purchasing phone services through a contract with Les Olsen.

It is proposed that we begin contracting with High Country Networks for phone services transitioning in March when the Les Olsen agreement begins to expire. 


  • Current system: $ 2,896.28/month; $34,755.36/year
  • High Country Networks: $1,090/month; $13,080/year; 
    • Installation, including upgraded intercom and bell systems, $3,435.00
  • Les Olsen revised quote: $1,900/month; $22,800/year


V. Policy Updates 5:47 PM
  A. Policy Updates Vote Stephanie Mathers 5 m
  1. Cash Handling Policy. It is in Federal rule that deposits must be made within 3 business days. 
VI. Other Discussion 5:52 PM
  A. Discussion Discuss Sara Mejeur 5 m
VII. Closing Items 5:57 PM
  A. Adjourn Meeting Vote Sara Mejeur