Urban Montessori Charter School

Regular Board Meeting

Published on August 18, 2023 at 11:18 AM PDT
Amended on August 21, 2023 at 10:10 AM PDT

Date and Time

Thursday August 24, 2023 at 5:30 PM PDT


4551 Steele Street, Oakland, CA 94619. Ring the front bell or call/text 510-290-4005 for entry. Signage on campus will direct you to the correct room, generally the Head of School's Office.

The public may comment and participate via Zoom if they prefer. The public may also email comments to board@urbanmontessori.org to be shared by the Board's Secretary during the meeting. Please make that intention clear in your email.


Meeting ID: 825 9285 5160; Passcode 510 842 1181


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Meeting ID: 825 9285 5160
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Additional teleconference locations: 3225 Bayo Vista Ave Alameda, CA 94501

This meeting will be audio recorded. The public can find documents related to this agenda either linked directly on the agenda or under "Documents" after selecting the meeting in BoardOnTrack prior to viewing the agenda. Downloading the "packet" may not include all of the "Documents" that are still otherwise available to the public via the Meeting on BoardOnTrack.

Members: Kara Fortuna, Greg Klein, Sarah Morrill (Chair), Ann Rhodes, Donald Williams

Urban Montessori Charter School welcomes your participation at Board meetings. The purpose of a public meeting of the Board of Directors (“Board”) is to conduct the affairs of the organization in public. Your participation assures us of continuing community interest in our school and assists the Board in making the best decisions for our school. To assist you in the ease of speaking/participating in our meetings, guidelines are provided at the bottom of this agenda. All materials for all board and committee meetings, including audio recordings of Regular Board Meetings, are available on our BoardOnTrack public portal and also through the UMCS School Calendar.


      Purpose Presenter Time
I. Opening Items 5:30 PM
  A. Call the Meeting to Order   Sarah Morrill

This meeting is being audio-recorded.

  B. Record Attendance   Greg Klein 1 m
  C. Review of Action/Discussion Items Discuss Sarah Morrill 1 m

With input from the board, the Chair may decide, based upon a number of factors, to reorder the action/discussion items to best suit the needs of the meeting. No additional action/discussion items will be added at this time.

  D. Community Agreements Discussion Discuss Sarah Morrill 2 m
  • Welcome Discomfort - give it space and let it land in a place of growth
  • Learn from silence - listen with intent; Step up AND Step back
  • Mistakes are for learning!
  • Be Curious - without judgment
  • Expect and Accept Non-Closure - keep making steps forward
  • Recognize your impact - assume positive intent AND be open to your
    impact varying from your intent
  • Be Vulnerable and courageous!
  • Know that it is Possible!
  • Compassionate feedback
  • Build Relationships

What do each of these agreements look and sound like in our meetings?

  E. Board and Community Appreciations   Sarah Morrill 5 m

Members of the Board and UMCS community may provide appreciations and affirmations during this time.

  F. Board Member Comment   Sarah Morrill 5 m

Any board member wishing to speak to an issue regarding UMCS that does not pertain to an agenda item may do so at this time. No further discussion or action will take place following each board member’s comments.

  G. Presentations from the Floor   Sarah Morrill 10 m

PRESENTATIONS ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS – Any person wishing to speak to any item not on the agenda will be granted three minutes to make a presentation. Speakers requiring translation shall have double time. Comments should refer to matters within the jurisdiction of this committee.

“What if [we] listened to others so deeply that they felt loved, accepted, and safe in [our] presence, no matter what they had to say?” -- Steve Shapiro, Author

II. Head of School Report 5:54 PM

The Head of School and their designees will present topics of interest to the Board and the general public.

  A. Head of School Report Discuss Krishna Feeney 10 m

Report topics this meeting may include:

  1. Recent and upcoming events
  2. Ongoing Professional Development and Staff Support
  3. Student and Staff Attendance
  4. Staffing and Enrollment Updates
III. Family Advisory Council 6:04 PM
  A. Discussion Item - Committee Report Discuss Kara Fortuna 5 m
IV. Executive & Governance Committee 6:09 PM
  A. Discussion Item: Committee Report Discuss Sarah Morrill 30 m

Discussion of organizing dinners at Board Meetings.

Discussion of Effective School Board Framework and "About the Framework".

Discussion of how and when each committee's work comes to the full board.



Committee report may also include updates on:


  B. Board and Committee Officers & Members Vote Sarah Morrill 2 m

As needed, the Board may take action to change its officers, as well as committee membership and leadership.

Current and archival information is here.

V. Other Business 6:41 PM
  A. Oakland and California Updates Discuss Greg Klein 5 m

Updates and current events related to Oakland USD, Alameda County Office of Education, and California, and potential implications for UMCS.


  B. Approve Minutes from June 22, 2023 Regular Meeting Approve Minutes Sarah Morrill 1 m
    Minutes for Regular Board Meeting on June 22, 2023  
  C. LunchMasters 2023-2024 renewal contract Vote Greg Klein 3 m

Discussion and vote on LunchMasters 2023-2024 renewal contract.

  D. Action Item - Vote on General Consent Report Vote Sarah Morrill 2 m

General Consent Report for August 24, 2023


  1. UMCS Family Handbook [update]
  2. UMCS Employee Handbook [update]
  3. UMCS Plan for Safe Return to In-Person and Continuity of Services [update]
  4. 2023–24 Application for Funding

[items may be linked or attached directly here in the agenda, or on BoardOnTrack under this date's Meeting and then "Documents."]

  E. Collect New Business items for Future Meetings Discuss Sarah Morrill 2 m
  F. Community Agreement Reflection Discuss Sarah Morrill 5 m

Are there any reflections on how those present at this meeting observed (or not) our Community Agreements?

VI. Closed Session 6:59 PM
  A. Closed Session Items Discuss Sarah Morrill 15 m
  1. Public Employee Performance Evaluation - Head of School

"Closed Session" is always agendized ahead of time as a "Discuss" item. If any votes are taken during any Closed Session, those are reported out publicly upon return to Open Session.

VII. Return to Open Session 7:14 PM
  A. Report out of any closed session action(s) Vote Sarah Morrill 1 m

"Return to Open Session" is always agendized ahead of time as a "Vote" item. It is not meant to indicate the the Board shall take an action at this time. If any votes are taken during any Closed Session, those are reported out publicly at this time on the agenda.

VIII. Closing Items 7:15 PM
  A. Adjourn Meeting FYI Sarah Morrill