Ogden Preparatory Academy

OPA Board of Directors Meeting

Published on November 8, 2023 at 11:36 AM MST

Date and Time

Thursday November 9, 2023 at 4:30 PM MST


1487 Lincoln Avenue

Ogden UT 84404


Board Room (upstairs)

The Mission of the Ogden Preparatory Academy Charter School is to provide a challenging curriculum where academic excellence, character development, and individual growth are nurtured in a safe and happy environment that involves the active participation of students, teachers, parents and community members.


      Purpose Presenter Time
I. Opening Items 4:30 PM
  A. Call the Meeting to Order   Sara Mejeur
  B. Record Attendance   Sara Mejeur 1 m
  C. Approve Minutes Approve Minutes Sara Mejeur 1 m
  D. Opportunity for Public Input   5 m
II. Finance 4:37 PM
  A. Financial Review FYI Spencer Adams 5 m
  B. Annual Finance Training FYI Spencer Adams 5 m
  C. Chromebook Purchase Vote Debbie Deem 5 m

We would like to purchase touch screen chromebooks for the kindergarten students. We currently have some, but we need more. 

  D. Sod project extension Vote Debbie Deem 5 m


$6,145 Ogden Lawn and Landscaping. This is for prep and sod in the bare areas along the West side of the parking entrance, and several areas behind the Junior High.


Ogden Lawn and Landscaping has been the bid winner for sod projects in the last year. They have done a great job. This job is an extension of another project they are completing around the pavilion.


We are looking into a few turf and grass relocation options, so this amount may come in lower.

III. Executive Session 4:57 PM
  A. Enter Executive Session Vote Sara Mejeur 5 m

...To protect the privacy of an individual.

  B. Exit Executive session Vote Sara Mejeur 5 m
  C. Student Discipline Decision Vote Sara Mejeur 5 m
  D. Student Discipline Decision Vote Sara Mejeur 5 m
  E. Director Evaluation Vote Sara Mejeur 5 m
IV. Administrative Business 5:22 PM
  A. Administrative Board Report FYI Debbie Deem 5 m
  B. Digital Citizenship and Safety Plans Review Discuss Shevon Lopez 5 m

Shevon Lopez is designated as our School Safety Specialist. She will review our safety plans with the Board. 

Shevon and Kasey will review how their teachers provide digital citizenship instruction.

  C. LEA Specific Licenses Vote Debbie Deem 5 m

The following teachers require a provisional license while they complete the programs they are in for obtaining the certification.


Request an LEA Specific License for up to 3 years for:

  1. Mark Sprinkel: renewal of LEA Specific Endorsement in Music.
  2. Kaylee Beitel: Elementary License while she finishes her teaching program.
  3. Jeremy Nielsen: Science Core Endorsement 
  4. Sofiya Quintanilla: Elementary License, should have PEL by early 2024
  5. Jocelyn Estrada: Elementary License, should have AEL by early 2024
V. Policy Updates 5:37 PM
  A. Policy Updates Vote Stephanie Mathers 5 m
  1. Purchasing and Disbursement Policy updates
  2. Procurement Policy updates
  3. Wellness Policy updates
  4. Building Use Policy updates
  5. FMLA Policy updates
VI. Other Discussion 5:42 PM
  A. Discussion Discuss Sara Mejeur 5 m

December Board Meeting

VII. Closing Items 5:47 PM
  A. Adjourn Meeting Vote Sara Mejeur