Stargate School

Governance Meeting

Published on September 12, 2023 at 4:58 PM MDT

Date and Time

Wednesday September 13, 2023 at 6:00 PM MDT


Stargate Secondary Library


      Purpose Presenter Time
I. Opening Items 6:00 PM
  A. Call the Meeting to Order   Danielle Fox
  B. Roll Call   Maggie Anderson
  C. Reading of Stargate Mission   1 m

Stargate School will provide a differentiated program designed specifically to meet the needs of identified intellectually gifted learners in order to challenge each student’s academic abilities, support their unique emotional needs, promote individual character development and encourage a life-long love of learning.

  D. Recognitions and Appreciations Discuss 1 m
  E. Board News and Events Discuss 5 m
II. Approve Consent Agenda Items 6:07 PM
  A. Approve Consent Agenda Vote Danielle Fox 5 m

1) Agenda for September 13, 2023 Governance Board Meeting 

2) Minutes for Governance Board Meeting held August 9, 2023 

3) Revised Policy 1.21 Board Vacancy and Independent Director Appointments 2nd Reading



  B. Minutes Approve Minutes Danielle Fox
    Minutes for Governance Meeting on August 9, 2023  
III. School Operations 6:12 PM
  A. Executive Director Operations and Finance Report FYI Wayne Granger 5 m
  B. Executive Director Academics Report FYI Robin Greene 5 m
  C. Academics Staff Report FYI Rob Cable 5 m
IV. Public Comment 6:27 PM

Public Comments Reminder: The board meeting is structured to allow the Governance Board to conduct its business in a timely manner. Comments may not be immediately addressed but may be considered as future agenda items. Anyone wishing to speak must sign-in before the public comment portion of the meeting. Comments are limited to 3 minutes each, and total time allotted for all public comments will not exceed 45 minutes. Those wishing to speak that do not get the opportunity to do so can submit their comments to or may attend the next board meeting to do so. Please note that time may not be donated to others and comments are expected to maintain professional courtesy, civility, and respect.

  A. Public Comment Response FYI Samantha Howorko
V. Committee Reports 6:27 PM
  A. Elections FYI Meryl Faulkner
  B. Recruiting FYI Danielle Fox 5 m
  C. School Accountability FYI Lindsey Paquette 5 m

KPI quarterly report - Lindsey Paquette

UIP - Therese Morin

Social Research Lab - Lindsey Paquette

VI. Action Items 6:37 PM
  A. Community Handbook Vote Samantha Howorko 5 m
  B. Staff Handbook Vote Danielle Fox 5 m
  C. Evaluation Rubrics and Process Vote Meryl Faulkner, Danielle Fox 5 m
  D. Board OnTrack Vote Danielle Fox
VII. Discussion Items 6:52 PM
  A. Strategic Planning Session Discuss Lindsey Paquette 5 m
  B. Reimagine Follow Up Discuss Danielle Fox 5 m
  C. Mission and Vision Review Discuss Danielle Fox
  D. Bylaw Revisions Review Process Discuss Danielle Fox 5 m
  E. Committee Handbook Signatures Discuss Danielle Fox 5 m
  F. Stakeholder Presentation Discuss Lindsey Paquette 5 m
  G. Admissions Policy re: Hulstrom FYI Danielle Fox
VIII. Future Planning 7:17 PM
  A. Next Board Meeting Agenda and Board Packet Discuss Danielle Fox 5 m
  B. Next Admin Sync Meeting and Future Scheduling Discuss Samantha Howorko 5 m
  C. Upcoming Events Discuss 5 m
IX. Closing Items 7:32 PM
  A. Adjourn Meeting Vote Danielle Fox