Paul Robeson Charter School

Regular Board Meeting

Published on September 29, 2023 at 6:50 PM EDT
Amended on October 3, 2023 at 4:32 PM EDT

Date and Time

Tuesday October 3, 2023 at 4:00 PM EDT


This meeting is being held in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act and is open to the public. Notices were duly posted and the meeting was advertised in The Trentonian and The Times of Trenton. Formal action will be taken.


      Purpose Presenter Time
I. Opening Items 4:00 PM
  A. Call the Meeting to Order
  B. Record Attendance
II. Discussion
  A. Departmental Rotations: Counseling and Culture Teams
  B. HIB Presentation
  C. Beginning-of-Year Data Analysis Discuss
  D. Dashboard Discuss
  E. Level Field / Aegis Update Discuss Tyler Baier
  1. Contingency plan for next year's enrollment
  F. Development Committee/Fundraising Update Discuss Ken Somberg
  G. Groundbreaking Ceremony Discuss
III. Updates
  A. Enrollment Discuss Freya Lund
  B. Emergency Drill Log Discuss Freya Lund
  C. Talent and Certification Discuss Becca Chazin
  D. Special Education Files Audit Update Discuss Freya Lund

Initial I&RS meeting 9.27

  E. Buildings and Grounds Discuss Freya Lund


IV. Acceptance of Meeting Minutes
  A. Motion for Paul Robeson Charter School, Board of Trustees to accept the minutes from the August 29, 2023 board meeting. Approve Minutes Brian Falkowski
V. Motions for Approval
  A. Finance Vote Brian Falkowski

1. To approve the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports for July & August 2023 as per the attached. 


Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:232.11(a), the Paul Robeson Charter School Board of Trustees acknowledges receipt of the secretary’s certification, and after review of the monthly financial report (appropriations section) certifies that, to the best of its knowledge, as of July & August 2023, no major account or fund has been over expended in violation of N.J.A.C. 6A:232.11(b), and that sufficient funds are available to meet the school’s financial obligations for the remainder of the fiscal year.


2. To approve the Bills/Check List from August 29, 2023 to September 25, 2023.


3. To approve the following payrolls:

          8/30/23 payroll  $206,805.65

          9/15/23 payroll  $207,836.35

          9/30/23 payroll  $210,152.91



  B. Buildings & Grounds Vote Freya Lund
  1. To approve/ratify the following curriculum purchases:

Hopdial to fix front door bell- $1,050

  C. Personnel Vote Becca Chazin and Freya Lund

1. To approve/ratify the following staff stipends:

Employee- Suleymi Ostolaza, Volleyball Coach

Reason- NEW: Lead coach for 2 month season of volleyball – games on Saturday within league, 5 dates for season, multiple games in one day. Hold practice on Fridays

Stipend Amount- $2,500


Employee- Suleymi Ostolaza, Basketball Coach- Navy

Reason- Lead basketball games and practices (4 days a week). Go to all games.

Stipend Amount- $3,500


Employee- Ashanti Waters, Basketball Coach- Golden

Reason- Lead basketball games and practices (4 days a week). Go to all games.

Stipend Amount- $3,500


Employee- TBD, Assistant Basketball Coach

Reason- Assist with basketball games and practices (4 days a week). Go to all games.

Stipend Amount- $2,000


Employee- Elliott Lopez, Wrestling Coach

Reason- NEW: Lead small wrestling team of students, and practice 3 days a week.  Will participate in at least 3 meets for the season.

Stipend Amount- $3,500


2.  To approve/ratify the following Staff Travel and Reimbursement:

Employee- Folasade Jacobs, Chrissy Sibley, Kelly Howley, Joshua Saar

Cost- $550

Description- Relay Graduate School Leader Training: Observation & Feedback or Weekly Data Meeting

Date- Virtual, Nov. 3rd, 8-5


Employee- Melissa Kapish

Cost- Hotel- $179, Conference- $300

Description- AENJ Fall Conference

Date- Oct. 30-31


Employee- Sherry Toner

Cost- Free

Description- State PD: NJ History & Government

Date- Nov. 7


Employee- Chrissy Sibley

Cost- $80

Description- NWEA Fluency Goal Setting

Date- Oct. 28 (1:30-3:30)


Employee- Chrissy Sibley

Cost- Hotel- $80

Description- NWEA Fluency Responsive Planning for Instruction

Date- Nov. 2 (2:30-4:30)


Employee- Marie Helms

Cost- Hotel- $185

Description- State Science Convention

Date- Oct. 17 or 18


3. To approve/ratify the following staff resignations:

Employee- William Trowbridge

Position- 7th Grade Science Teacher

Resignation Date- 9/13/2023


Employee- Leyone Royster

Position- ESL Coordinator

Resignation Date- 9/14/2023


Employee- Yany Torres

Position- P/T Operations Coordinator

Resignation Date- 9/6/2023


4. To approve/ratify the following staff hires:

Employee- Taylor Krotowski

Position- 7th Grade Science Teacher

Start Date- 9/19/2023

Position Duration- 10 month

  D. Curriculum & Special Education Vote Freya Lund
  1. To approve/ratify the following curriculum purchases:

Pear Deck (Instructional Program): $2,317.50

GoGuardian (Monitoring Program): $6,747.30

Edulastic: $1,856.40

ETR- $897.48

  E. Student Field Trips- NONE Vote Freya Lund
  F. Policy/Miscellaneous Vote Brian Falkowski
  1. To Approve the September 20, 2023 submission of the New Jersey Learning Acceleration Program - High Impact Tutoring Competitive Grant
  2. To Approve the Authorization of the Trees for Schools Grant
  3. To Approve the Designation of a Threat Assessment Team
  4. To Approve the annual HIB Report 
VI. Executive Session
  A. It is expected that the Board will go into Executive Session. Vote
VII. Adjourn Executive Session and Reconvene Regular Session
  A. Adjourn Executive Session and Reconvene Regular Session Vote
VIII. Closing Items
  A. New Business Discuss
  B. Public Comment
  C. Important Dates FYI
  • Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, November 7th
  • PRCS Groundbreaking Ceremony- Wednesday, November 8th
  D. Adjourn Meeting Vote