Lynn Carpenter Board Chair
Stacy Miller Board Vice Chair Academic Excellence Chair
Danielle Clark Board Member
Joanna Lopez-Inman Board Secretary
Lee Trotter Board Member HR & Facilities Council, FIGS Rep for TIS
Mark Charvat Board Member
Mark Olson Board Member Facilities Chair
Richaun Bunton Board Member As a mother of six, Richaun values the role a parent has in their child’s life. She feels that learning is a shared experience and that caregiver's voice is an essential component of success. Richaun is an advocate for families and holds the role of caregiver in high esteem. Her personal passion is to help women, mothers in particular, feel empowered in their role as leaders for their families. This passion was identified early in life, as she started a teen mothers program while completing her undergraduate degree at Cleveland State University. That is when she understood that a part of her life’s purpose was to help mothers strengthen and cultivate healthy and nurturing relationships with their children. This work continues to be seen in her personal spiritual practices when she offers support services to mothers and daughters who are seeking to find solace within their relationships. Richaun’s rich background in education, community development, and family therapy supports her mission to serve. As the current managing director of the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood and vice president of community engagement of the St. Vincent Charity Health Campus, Richaun states that she will continue to honor the voices of the community by supporting each family through their journey to thriving. By prioritizing family sustainability, community wellness, and student success. Richaun believes every person deserves the help needed to reach their highest potential. In spiritual practice, it is believed that good character guides one in their lifetime to success; therefore, Richaun strives daily to display “nfr bit- (good character),” in her speech, interactions, and personal aims. Education and Credentials: Masters of Social Work, Cleveland State University Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Cleveland State University Level II Reiki Practitioner Radio Host, Joyful Journeys with Mwt Het Heru, WOVU 95.9FM Kemetic High Priestess, Nu Ast Temple Licensed Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church
Robert Nicolay Board Member Governance Chair Robert (Bob) Nicolay is a seasoned Board Director and leader with experience on governing and advisory boards for private and family owned companies. He brings diverse perspective, energy and skills combining strategy and governance with financial expertise, operational, marketing and sales management skills to deliver thoughtful questions and insights to help drive informed decisions. He has held various committee roles, including governance, Finance, Executive and Compensation committees, enabling effective collaboration and engagement with fellow board members and senior management.