Liberation Academy

Board Meeting

Published on July 8, 2023 at 12:30 PM EDT

Date and Time

Tuesday July 11, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT


      Purpose Presenter Time
I. Opening Items 6:00 PM
  A. Record Attendance   1 m
  B. Call the Meeting to Order  
  C. Approve Minutes Approve Minutes 1 m
II. Executive Director Report 6:02 PM
  A. Enrollment Update Discuss Brian King 15 m


  • Current application number
  • Current Enrollment Numbers
  • Recruitment Plan and Enrollment Plan Moving Forward
  B. Upcoming Events FYI Brian King 10 m


  • Enrollment Events
  • Whats to come in the summer
  • Ribbon Cutting
III. Development

No updates

IV. Facility 6:27 PM
  A. Facility Status FYI Nicole Long 15 m
  • Upcoming Inspections
  • Status of Certificate of Occupancy
  • Current Repairs agreed upon by chuch
  • School initiated facility work
V. Finance Committee 6:42 PM
  A. Balance Sheet Review FYI Nicole Long 10 m
  B. Pending Large Obligations FYI Nicole Long 8 m
  • Professional Development
  • Furniture
  • Building Repairs
VI. Governance 7:00 PM
  A. Board Recruitment Discuss Nicole Long 10 m
  • Roles needed
  • Efforts to see this through
VII. Other Business
VIII. Closing Items
  A. Adjourn Meeting Vote