The Anchor School

Board of Directors Meeting

Called Meeting
Published on July 10, 2024 at 6:32 PM EDT
Amended on July 16, 2024 at 3:40 PM EDT

Date and Time

Wednesday July 17, 2024 at 7:00 PM EDT


Virtual Meeting


      Purpose Presenter Time
I. Opening Items 7:00 PM
  A. Record Attendance   Dawn Gregory 1 m
  B. Call the Meeting to Order   Dawn Gregory 1 m

The board chair will call the meeting to order.

  C. Approve Minutes Approve Minutes Dawn Gregory 1 m
    Approve minutes for Board of Directors Meeting on June 26, 2024  
II. Finance Updates (Treasurer / CFO) 7:03 PM

The board will review and discuss the school's financial health and sustainability.    

  A. Enrollment Update FYI Josh Pinto Taylor 2 m
  B. Days Cash on Hand FYI Jaamal Whittington 5 m
III. Public Comment 7:10 PM

The Anchor School welcomes engagement from its village of students, parents, educators, and community partners.

  A. Public Comment FYI Joseph Anfield-El 3 m
IV. Governance 7:13 PM

The governance (executive) committee will provide updates for review and discussion. 

  A. Governance Findings & Recommendations Discuss Morgan Felts 10 m
  B. Hive180 (HOS Advisor) Update Discuss Kelly Cadman 10 m

The Executive Committee will introduce the HOS Advisor (Thrive180) who will review their reporting dashboard. 

  C. LEA Legal Updates (July 1, 2024) FYI Dawn Gregory 5 m

The board will review the LEA legal updates and assign sections to Committees for further discussion. 

  D. CSP Grant Amendment Vote Jaamal Whittington 5 m

The SCSF submitted an amendment to the CSP Grant, which the board must approve. 

  E. HOS PDP Update FYI Nicole LeBlanc 5 m

The Executive Committee will share the professional development plan (PDP)

  F. Executive Session Discuss Dawn Gregory 15 m

The board will enter into an executive session to discuss a personnel matter. 

  G. Head of School SY25 Contract & Job Description Vote Dawn Gregory 2 m

The board will vote to approve the Head of School SY24-25 Contract

V. Items for Information 8:05 PM

The board will review upcoming voting actions and pre-read materials. 

  A. Procurement & Staff Purchases FYI Dawn Gregory 1 m
  • Procurement Policy (Finance Committee)
  • Staff Purchases Policy (Finance Committee)
  • Fractional CFO (Finance Committee)
VI. Closing Items 8:06 PM
  A. Adjourn Meeting Vote Nicole LeBlanc 1 m

This is the conclusion of the meeting, and proceedings will be officially adjourned.