KIPP SoCal Public Schools

KIPP SoCal Board Meeting

Date and Time

Thursday March 21, 2024 at 1:00 PM PDT


1933 S. Broadway St, Suite 1144, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Public Comment Procedures

By law, the Board is only allowed to discuss or take action on items listed on the agenda. The Board may, at its discretion, refer a matter to KIPP SoCal management or add the issue to a future meeting agenda for discussion.

Individual speakers will be invited to address the Board for up to three minutes. Speakers may have less time depending on the number of individuals who express interest in addressing the Board. Please respect the time limit allotted to each speaker. The meeting host will indicate a speaker’s time has expired and invite the next speaker to begin.


If you need special assistance, disability-related modifications, translation, or other reasonable accommodations in order to participate in this meeting, please contact Roxy Ulloa at 213-489-4461. Notification at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting will enable KIPP SoCal to make arrangements that will ensure accessibility.


KIPP SoCal Board Meetings are available to view and provide public comment at the following locations: 


  1. KIPP Academy of Opportunity - 8500 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90003
  2. KIPP Adelante – 426 Euclid Ave., San Diego, CA 92114
  3. KIPP Comienza Lower – 7300 Roseberry Ave., Huntington Park, CA 90255
  4. KIPP Comienza Upper – 6410 Rita Ave., Huntington Park, CA 90255
  5. KIPP Compton Lower – 1650 W. 134th St., Compton, CA 90222
  6. KIPP Compton Upper – 12501 Wilmington Ave., Compton, CA 90222
  7. KIPP Corazon Lower – 9325 Long Beach Blvd., South Gate, CA 90280
  8. KIPP Corazon Upper - 8616 Long Beach Blvd, South Gate, CA 90280
  9. KIPP Empower – 8466 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90003
  10. KIPP Endeavor – 1263 S. Soto St., Los Angeles, CA 90023
  11. KIPP Generations – 1415 W. 162nd St., Gardena, CA 90247
  12. KIPP Ignite – 8300 S Central Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90002
  13. KIPP Iluminar – 4800 E Cesar Chavez Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90022
  14. KIPP Innovation – 4240 E. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90023
  15. KIPP LA Prep – 2810 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90023
  16. KIPP Promesa Prep - 1241 S Soto St, Los Angeles, CA 90023
  17. KIPP Pueblo Unido – 3759 E. 57th St., Maywood, CA 90270
  18. KIPP Poder – 501 School Ave., Montebello, CA 
  19. KIPP Philosophers – 1999 E. 102nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90002
  20. KIPP Raices – 668 S. Atlantic Blvd., East Los Angeles, CA 90022
  21. KIPP Scholar – 6100 S. Hoover St., Los Angeles, CA 90044
  22. KIPP Sol Academy - 4800 E Cesar E Chavez Ave, East Los Angeles, CA 90022
  23. KIPP Vida – 4410 S. Budlong Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90037


      Purpose Presenter Time
I. Opening Items 1:00 PM
  A. Record Attendance Belen Sanchez 5 m
  B. Call the Meeting to Order Luis Rodriguez
  C. Meeting Overview Angella Martinez
II. Public Comment 1:05 PM
  A. Public Comment FYI Luis Rodriguez 30 m
III. Consent Agenda 1:35 PM
  A. Consent Agenda: As Presented Vote Belen Sanchez 5 m
  B. Minutes: February 1 Board Meeting Approve Minutes Belen Sanchez
  C. Approve Auditors for FY2023-24 Financial Audit and Tax Services Vote Kyle Salyer

Approve the engagement of CLA to conduct the FY2023-24 Financial Audit.

  D. Revision of Uniform Complaint Procedures and Annual Notice Vote Cesely Westmoreland

Additions to KIPP SoCal's Uniform Complaint Procedures & Annual Notice required by new federal requirements.

  E. 2022-23 School Accountability Report Cards Vote Karla Armendariz

SY 22-23 School Accountability Report Cards for approval.

  F. 2024 KIPPStar Awards - Universal Studios Hollywood Contract Vote Darcy Calhoun

Request to approve the contract for the 11th annual event; updated contract language from contract approved in December. 

  G. Furniture Expenses for all KIPP SoCal Public Schools Vote Dominique Veasey-Hall

KIPP SoCal Public Schools is seeking approval to purchase office and classroom furniture. 

  H. Food Service Management Company Contract Vote Karla Armendariz

Request to approve KIPP SoCal management to negotiate and execute food service management company contract.

  I. SNP Equipment/Appliance Expenses for all KIPP SoCal Public Schools Vote Karla Armendariz

Approval to purchase meal service appliances and equipment for our School Nutrition Program

  J. Comprehensive School Safety Plan SY 24-25 Template Vote Dominique Veasey-Hall

All schools will use the Comprehensive School Safety Plan 24-25 template when updating their school-specific safety plans for the 24-25 academic year.

  K. Nutrition Program Procurement Code of Conduct Vote Alvina Arutyunyan

Approve Nutrition Program Procurement Code of Conduct to ensure procurement is free of conflict of interest in line with Title 2, Code of Federal Regulations.

  L. SY24-25 Joffe Emergency Services Contract (School Health Services) Vote Amanda Lanfre

Approve KIPP SoCal management to negotiate the Joffe School Health Services contract. 

  M. School Nutrition Program Procurement Procedures Vote Alvina Arutyunyan

KIPP SoCal reviewed and updated School Nutrition Program Procurement Procedures in line with Code of Federal Regulations § 200.319 Competition and § 200.320 Methods of Procurement.

IV. KIPP SoCal Update 1:40 PM
  A. KIPP Philosophers Update Discuss Elizabeth Gronquist 30 m
  B. School Closure Update Discuss Angella Martinez 30 m
V. Voting Items 2:40 PM
  A. Material Revision to Move KIPP Comienza Community Prep to 7825 Santa Fe Avenue Vote Curtis Whatley 5 m

Resolution affirming the board's approval of KIPP Comienza's material revision and upcoming move to 7825 Santa Fe Avenue

  B. Material Revision to Move KIPP Ignite Academy to 1628 E. 81st Street Vote Curtis Whatley 5 m

Resolution affirming the board's approval of KIPP Ignite's material revision for the upcoming move to 1628 E 81st St

  C. KIPP Poder Public School’s 2022–2023 Annual Report Vote Kevika Amar 5 m

Review and approve KIPP Poder's 2022–2023 annual report to LACOE.

  D. FY24 2nd Interim Financial Reports Vote Kyle Salyer 5 m

FY 2023-24 KIPP SoCal Public Schools Second Interim Financial Reports (LAUSD, CUSD, SDUSD, LACOE)

VI. Governance 3:00 PM
  A. Resignation of Norma Parraz FYI Heather Lord 5 m
  B. 2024-2025 Board Meeting Dates Vote Heather Lord 5 m
  C. Upcoming Engagement Opportunities Discuss Angella Martinez 10 m
VII. Closed Session 3:20 PM
  A. Conference with Legal Counsel - Anticipated Litigation FYI Cesely Westmoreland 13 m

Government Code 54956.9(e)(3)

One matter

  B. Conference with Legal Counsel - Existing Litigation FYI Cesely Westmoreland 10 m

Gov. Code Section 54956.9(d)(1)

Case names unspecified (disclosure would jeopardize negotiations)

  C. Student Discipline Matter Vote Cesely Westmoreland 15 m

Student Discipline Matter - Decision on Readmission for Student Expelled (Case Number 20230327B) Pursuant to California Education Code Section 48916. 

VIII. Closing Items 3:58 PM
  A. Adjourn Meeting FYI Luis Rodriguez 2 m