KIPP SoCal Public Schools

KIPP SoCal Governance Committee Meeting

Date and Time

Thursday September 7, 2023 at 1:30 PM PDT


1933 S. Broadway Suite 1144, Los Angeles, CA 90007


      Purpose Presenter Time
I. Opening Items 1:30 PM
  A. Record Attendance   Belen Sanchez 5 m
  B. Call the Meeting to Order   Heather Lord
  C. Public Comment   Heather Lord 10 m

Members of the public will be allowed to provide up to three minutes of public comment

II. Consent Agenda 1:45 PM
  A. Committee Minutes from May 23, 2023 Approve Minutes Heather Lord 2 m
III. KIPP SoCal Update 1:47 PM
  A. KIPP SoCal Update FYI Angella Martinez 25 m

Start of school year update and FY24 priority

IV. Governance 2:12 PM
  A. Board Member Assessment & Improvement Discuss Angella Martinez 15 m

Discuss board member engagement last year and goals for this year.

  B. Board Membership Discuss Heather Lord 10 m

Review board members whose terms end this year and determine related next steps.

  C. Annual Meeting Overview Discuss Belen Sanchez 7 m

Preview governance items and updates related to annual board meeting.

V. Closed Session 2:44 PM
  A. Executive Compensation Discuss Heather Lord 15 m

Labor Negotiations (Gov. Code 54957.6)

Unrepresented employees: Chief Executive Officer 

VI. Closing Items 2:59 PM
  A. Adjourn Meeting FYI Heather Lord 1 m