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Special Notice 18 February 2021
Community Members,
the NOCCS Board did not give sufficient public notice for the January 21st, 2021 meeting of the board of directors. The error was due to a mistake with the settings of our public recording system, Board on Track, that has now been corrected. Our apologies for the error. The only voted upon item for the meeting of January 21st, 2021 was the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). Should any member of the public like to request a revote on this item, they may communicate that desire by emailing board@noccs.org. A video recording of each board meeting is available on the online Board on Track portal (https://app2.boardontrack.com/public/T7GkI5/home). Any member may make a public comment about any item, including past discussions at any time. We regret any inconvenience this clerical error in public noticing may have caused.
Signed, The Board of Directors of North Oakland Community Charter School (NOCCS)
Here are the current members of the NOCCS Board and how to contact them:
Perlita Muiriri, Board Chair, p.muiruri@noccs.org
David Kakishiba, Board Treasurer, d.kakishiba@noccs.org
W. Berkeley Kauffman, Board Secretary, kauffman@noccs.org  
Cinthia Varkevisser, cinthia.varkevisser@noccs.org
Nikki Hampton, nikki.hampton@noccs.org
D. M. Kloker (Head of School, ex officio non-voting member), kloker@noccs.org
Kevin Newman (Staff Representative non-voting member), kevin.newman@noccs.org

The entire board may be contacted at board@noccs.org

Thank you.
-NOCCS Board of Directors