Memphis College Prep Board of Directors

Welcome to the BoardOnTrack Public Portal for Memphis College Prep Board of Directors.

Here you will find our published agendas and minutes. Just click on "Meetings" at the top to view the meetings we have published agendas and minutes for.

The Memphis College Prep Board of Directors values input from our community including parents and staff. At each Board bi-monthly meeting, the Board holds an open forum allowing the public an opportunity to share feedback and/or concerns. Members of the public are asked to fill out the open forum form, which is turned in to the Board secretary during the meeting. The form requests the speaker to provide contact information and a brief statement as to the feedback and/or concern.
  • Members of the public are allowed five (5) minutes to speak.
  • Speakers are asked to begin by stating their name and home address.
  • A written copy of the comments is recommended, but not required, to ensure the Board clearly understands the concern/feedback and to ensure the issue can be directed to the correct person.
  • Please know that under open meetings law the Board is unable to address the speaker’s comments or answer questions, unless the topic was identified in the public posting of the Board agenda.
  • To ensure due process and respect for individual rights, the district maintains a formal process for handling complaints. A problem involving an individual or specific incident is best handled through administrative channels, with the Board as the last level of appeal.
  • If your comments require further follow up, the Board will direct a member of Memphis College Prep to follow-up.
Thank you.